The Applied Artificial Intelligence Conference is back in San Francisco

BootstrapLabs has announced the return of its annual Applied Artificial Intelligence Conference 2017 in San Francisco May 11, 2017, in the heart of the most advanced AI community in the world.

This year the Applied AI Conference is focused on practical applications and current commercialization of AI technologies across industries such as Transportation & Logistics, Internet of Things (IoT), Future of Work (FoW), Financial Technologies (FinTech), CyberSecurity, and Healthcare Technologies (HealthTech). It also explores how AI is impacting society, the enterprise and you!

Attendees and speakers from last year include people from top tech companies and VCs such as: Google, Facebook, Bloomberg Beta, Uber, IBM, Microsoft, Tesla, US Government, Airbnb, Accenture, Accel, PayPal, Oracle, Salesforce, Cisco, Samsung, Amazon, Sony, Lux Capital, LG, Yahoo!, Slack, Netflix, Comcast, and many others.

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Who will be speaking at the Applied AI Conference 2017?

We are thrilled to announce that the first group of world-class speakers for this year conference will include:

  • Danny Lange, VP of AI and Machine Learning, Unity Technologies
  • Richard Socher, Chief Scientist, Salesforce
  • Mark Weatherford, Chief Cybersecurity Strategist, vArmour
  • Bill Loconzolo, Chief Data Officer, Intuit
  • Marten Mickos, CEO, HackerOne
  • Rajendra Rao, CEO, Ford Smart Mobility
  • Parth Vasa, Head of Data Science, Bloomberg
  • Jan Erik Solem, CEO and Founder, Mapillary
  • Aditya Kalro, Engineering Manager, Facebook
  • Jack Clark, Strategy & Communications Director, OpenAI

The 2017 conference will provide insights into the present and future impact of AI on your organization, as well as in your daily life. It will also feature concrete tools and methods to prepare, organize, and tap into AI’s transformative power.

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