Chatbots Explained:

Everything YOU and EVERYONE ELSE Needs to Know to Get Started!

Prior to the internet, marketing was all pushed on consumers. But the best marketing attracts the consumer to the business. Unlike commercials and billboards, chatbots allow for that personalized relationship to be built with the consumer at the consumer’s pace.

When a customer engages with your company, and it’s their decision to engage with you, they come in with a different mindset.. Instead of businesses pushing their stuff on their clients, they can actually attract the ones that see the value that the business provides..

Never before has there been a platform where the consumer has as much say in the marketing that they receive. Historically, he best commercials have been the ones that are relevant and relatable to you and the same thing goes with any other form of marketing.

If it is relevant to you, and you want it, then it it something that you’ll value more than something that is pushed on you.

What they are:

Chatbots are the “amazingly smart, geeky child of e-mail and text marketing.”

If you could combine the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of e-mail marketing with the engagement and awareness/open rates of text marketing.. then you can start to understand what a chatbot can do.

Let me tell you what it WILL NOT DO:

- Go out and spam people with messages for you

- Like or comment automatically on other people’s pages (that’s spam)

- Go to different platforms like LinkedIn or Instagram and engage with people there

- Cost You a Single Dollar to get started!

But… Let me tell you what it can do

- Automatically follow-up/send messages, videos, audios, links, content, etc.

- Segment people based on their interests, demographics, or just about any other way your business deems necessary

- Schedule appointments, process payments, prompt phone calls, and so much more with other app integrations

  • Do all of this for FREE!

How to get started:

There are a two choices you have

  1. Code Your Own Bot: This is complicated af, but just like websites, it allows a lot more flexibility and customization (but not always necessary)
  2. Build on a platform- The platform that I recommend the most to get started is Manychat. It is one of the easiest and most intuitive software platforms I’ve EVER experienced. The basic plan is FREE and you can get yours set up in less than 5 minutes (Join my free challenge if you want to see how)

Just imagine if your business could text your customers and potential clients just like you guys were friends. The relationship and connection between the two would be that much closer, and the sales will come that much quicker.

It’s not going to be a fad. In fact, every business (the smart ones at least) will recognize the value in being able to communicate with their audience in this way.

If you want to learn more about how to start using chatbots to generate more revenue for your business, click here check out our bot!