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AI and its role in reshaping life skills as we know them. AI + Bot + Human = ? (whatever we can’t think of right now…).

Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of addressing a large audience at a conference, presenting to a group of mixed professionals (including C-suite, Manager, Mid-level and executives, across a broad range of industry including IT, services govt, utilities, education, non-profit, hospital, health care, Financial services, insurance, automotive, Pharmaceuticals, aviation, aerospace, medical devices).

The topic was, embracing and humanizing customer self-service channels; creating a personalized user experience in self-service channels.

I have provided an overview of the presentation here for your convenience. I implore you to ‘catch up’ and watch the link.

At the conference I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Rohit Mandana and we had a very interesting discussion about life outside of our professional engagements and then as these things do, our passion for our professions jumped back in and we were back and hot on the trail of bots, chatbots, AI and the role that they are playing in reshaping life as we know it.

Sure there’s all the latest stuff like Google Home and Uber Driverless (although now suspended I believe this tech will proceed) but we’re beyond that now. So, the chat moved quickly to debate about all the benefits the world of AI serves for us, as humans.

The discussion quickly turned to the most precious thing in our lives, our children. We discussed the application of AI and the impact it’ll have on future generations.

One of the conference participants was sitting next to us and raised the question: “…would a man become stupid as a result of the bots and AI thinking and doing everything for us? Will our skill set become redundant?”. But it was at this point I raised quite the opposite.

I explained how my children are learning at school about the Classical Core elements of water, fire, wind, air as proposed by Empedocles and I suggested: what if there were more elements which we, the human race, have not yet discovered.

For example, AI in a laboratory environment is helping scientists push the boundaries on discoveries never possible without AI intervention.

Introducing AI to human life makes an incredible combination when we conceive how much discovery can take place with AI on our side.

Rohit shared a story introducing into my mind an exceptional concept. He told a story about a village in a third-world country, without specialist doctors. He said the medical pressures mounted greatly at a local clinic as one single doctor, a General Practitioner, was responsible for the health of this entire community. A team of AI developers in a western, first world country were experimenting with this General Practitioner by providing him with an artificial intelligence bot (via iPad application) which would enable this doctor to make specialist-like decisions in the absence of being one himself, in real time and enhancing the life span of this entire community, single handed.

As an example, a general practitioner may not be equipped with the formal qualification to perform many procedures traditionally. But, now an AI-based application could help him make an initial risk assessment to pre-qualify the risk level and only if compliant to acceptable medical thresholds, allow the general practitioner doctor, to proceed with the activity. After risk assessment, and with the help of the AI or App, they could make an assessment to perform the procedure or not. If a decision is made to proceed and obviously based on the initial risk assessment, the AI and App would next provide the direction needed to successfully perform the procedure.

When allowed to percolate for awhile, this hybrid approach to the GP-AI-medical procedure, effectively renders the doctor with the new specialist-like skill, a potential lifesaver, extending the life span of the village community with future-tech, helping so much more patient cases.

Not only does this example emphasize the power of a collaborative human and AI hybrid model but, it reinforces the ability for men to be forced into learning new skills thought about by introducing a catalyst, as represented in this example by an AI bot. In turn — we evolve further as a race.

I was recently introduced to one of Elon Musks latest ventures, Neuaralink (AI smart-chips implanted into humans brains to enhance us……if this article has interested you, then check it out. Seriously scary stuff. Image > courtesy greatestideaever.wordpress.com:

Just as similarly the Airtasker platform is creating new jobs unheard of in years past, so too does AI force the human hand to reshape its view on life skills.

Bots don’t have all the answers especially if humans haven’t input them into their databases. Humans fill this gap. It is up to us to embrace this beautiful AI technology, leverage it and evolve.

My children sit in a classroom-style environment as schools have done for the past 200 years. I don’t agree with this. Isn’t it about time this changed? I think it’s about time for new jobs, the current world, even its tools (Google, Facebook) seem a bit stale and boring to me. Isn’t it about time for a change?

Aristotle added a fifth element, aether; as it has been called Akasha in India and quintessence in Europe. In his novel ‘Think and grow rich’, Napoleon Hill expands on his view of the aether in human life. Many other philosophers and scientist have commented on the aether but with AI on their side, maybe humanity can get closer to solidifying the theories.

This article was written by Glenn Miller. Please visit my Personal Website and feel free to connect. I love speaking at conferences and business forums, meeting new, innovative and exciting people.

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