GLOBALS Bot experience at Chatbot Summit

On Monday the 26th of June, Club GLOBALS team participated at the Chatbot Summit 2017 in Berlin. Initially created in 2016 in Tel-Aviv, the event is the first one of its kind: made entirely for and by Chatbot developers and enthusiasts. With more than 100 speakers and 1500 attendees.

We were thrilled to have the opportunity to hold a booth there because we are currently developing our own chatbot to make city registration hassle free. The Chatbot Summit was the chance to extend our brand awareness as well as getting feedback on our new product (

As it was a full day event, we arrived around 7 am to set up our booth and people started to arrive around 8. We got the opportunity to chat with bot- savvies and was perfect to have insight feedback on how we could improve our chatbot.


During the whole day, the attendee traffic to our booth was good. We had the chance to talk and chat about our company, our chatbot and attendees told us about theirs. It was a summit focused for professionals of the field of Chatbots. For the first time since we started to present our bot at an event, we did not have to explain what is a bot and how it works. We could directly go straight to the point and have a developer/ professional/ passionate feedback and point of view. Used to random users’ feedback, the professional ones are also crucial.

Aerial View of the Chatbot Marketplace

For its first Berlin edition, the event was a success: well organized, the speakers were good and mainly focused on explaining and presenting their product and we would have like to hear more about the tech side than the marketing, for the next time. What really impressed us was the attendees who for the most part were really aware of how chatbots work and had different perspectives to offer us. Of course, we were expecting this but were really glad when we realized that it was exactly how we thought it would be and even more. People were truly curious on how we build the bot, what was our struggle and they shared their experiences to give us feedback.

Our founder Mario Paladini supported by moderating the Chatbot Competition of selected Bots, which winner was

To finish we would like to thank the organizers for thinking about us for a booth and congratulations for the great organization, content, and attendees. We will be there next year!