How we Implement Project Monitoring through an AI-powered Work Coach

What is Project Monitoring?

Project Monitoring refers to the process of keeping track of all project-related metrics including team performance and task duration, identifying potential problems and taking corrective actions necessary to ensure that the project is within scope, on budget and meets the specified deadlines. To simply put, project monitoring is overseeing all tasks and keeping an eye on project activities to make sure you’re implementing the project as planned.

Project Monitoring with KnightSpear’s AI-powered Work Coach Isabella

KnightSpear has a practical way of helping project managers monitor their projects and team’s performance. With the help of Isabella, KnightSpear’s AI-powered work coach with machine learning capability, the information you need for project monitoring is handed over to you so you can spend less time gathering and interpreting data and more time taking action instead.

Here are some ways Isabella helps you with project monitoring

1. Real-time monitoring of team performance

With automated task monitoring, Isabella can monitor how everything is going, including what the team is working on, which team members are stuck on a task or what other tasks need to be done to move forward with the project.

2. Regular status and progress reports

Isabella provides the duration summary of a task. It displays the amount of time the assignee has spent on a task and predicts how much more is needed to complete the entire project so you can identify existing issues and make timely adjustments to get things back on track.

3. Providing recommendations and suggestions

Isabella can estimate the percentage of project success or failure. She can also predict the probability of tasks going overdue or missing its deadline and provide valuable advice on how you can get the team to work together to prevent this from happening.

4. Ensuring that recommended actions are implemented

It’s important that the team is clear if there are any changes on the project plan. Isabella can remind the team of any over dues, hanging tasks and issues that need quick resolution so you can drive your team to the direction you are planning to take.

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