KnightSpear’s AI Work Coach Isabella Will Help Project Managers Make Better Decisions

KnightSpear intensifies Isabella’s machine learning capability to provide a better and smarter AI work coach for project management.

Isabella, KnightSpear’s AI-enabled chatbot work coach, now have the ability to process data within the app, and send reports and suggestions to project managers to help them efficiently manage tasks, strategically plan projects and keep their team motivated and engaged.

Utilizing machine learning capability, these enhancements enable Isabella to find patterns in a user’s work behavior and translate it into data-based predictions. This means Isabella can gather and collate information about trends in the team’s personality and productivity, project performance and the team’s progress and use it to provide status reports and make suggestions on how a project manager can efficiently manage tasks and engage her team.

Isabella works closely with the project manager, which is a new concept for a project management app. It’s the first time an AI chatbot interacts with a project manager to provide status reports and feedback of the team’s performance.

Previously, Isabella can only do simple tasks such as set up reminders, alert users of updates and show resolved or overdue tasks. But with the latest enhancements, project managers can now monitor the project progress, team performance and boost their productivity with Isabella’s recommendations.

With the growing popularity of AI, the development team behind Isabella has high hopes for the future role of AI in project management. These enhancements represent an important step towards AI integration with project management. This could be the answer to the ever existing problem of project managers with overdue projects and missed deadlines which have become the usual trend for IT projects.

Isabella is now accessible along with KnightSpear’s other key feature such as task management, issue tracking, chat, social features and many others. To know more about Isabella visit