‘The Chatbot Summit 2017’ Speakers Announcement

The Chatbot Summit speakers lineup is shaping up to be insightful and varied; with some of the top leading experts in the Chatbot ecosystem from Google, Facebook, Amazon, Deustche Bank, SAP, LivePerson and more.

We’ve taken a look at the agenda and have covered here just some of this exciting lineup.

Kuan Huang, Founder @ Poncho.ai

Kuan will be a Keynote Speaker; “Media Companies in the Messaging World: Thrive or die!”

“People are spending more time on messaging apps than any other platforms. As messaging apps are becoming platforms, is your company prepared for this new paradigm shift?
Kuan will walk you through the current state of major messaging platforms, share the insights of how his team built the most popular bot on Facebook messenger and talk about the native media strategy that brands can use to stay ahead of the game.”

Aviv Frenkel, Co-Founder & CEO @ Enroute

Aviv will be hosting a panel entitled: “Talking Cars: How will VoiceBots shape the future of interaction with autonomous vehicles?”

“We are already seeing that voice conversational experiences are entering the space of smart mobility but how will we actually interact with our car 4 years from now? Will our car become a personal concierge and companion for the ride? What kind of new frontier will be reached by these disruptive technologies? Join us and listen what world class experts from top automotive brands and technology leaders think about these trends.”

David Kaiser, Country Manager, New Technologies @Amazon

David will be a Keynote speaker; “Building Next Generation Voice User Experiences”

“Alexa is a voice service with built-in capabilities that enable customers to interact with devices in a more intuitive way using voice. Session attendees will learn how developers, designers, and device makers build engaging voice experiences for services and devices using the Alexa Skills Kit and Alexa Voice Service.”

Michael Bommer, SVP EMEA @ LivePerson

Michael will be hosting a panel entitled: Brands & Bots; How are brands coping with the Chatbot revolution?

As co-founder of relayr and Next Big Thing AG, Michael is a vocal part of the startup community in Berlin, advocating for the opportunities of digital transformation in all industries.

Ariel Jalali, Co-Founder & CEO @Sensay

Ariel will be hosting a panel entitled: The art of conversation: How to design Chatbots that people love

Ariel is the Co-Founder and CEO of Sensay, the human routing engine. Forbes named Sensay as a rare chatbot that lives up to the hype.

Amit Ben, Founder & CTO @ nanorep

Amit will be a Keynote speaker: ‘Surviving the bot hype’

After spending the last 10 years envisioning the AI-Driven service revolution and coding the core algorithms himself, Amit always considers AI tech as the step function required for the online services. Amit has been coding and envisioning tech for the past 20 years.

With 34 speakers listed already, many of them considered thought leaders in the industry, we are looking forward to hearing more! You can view the lineup here; chatbotsummit.com

“Whether you are a chatbot expert or looking to learn more; Chatbot Summit has something for you. The mission is to cater to the whole Chatbot economy and this is not only an opportunity to rub shoulders with the shiniest in bot technologies but also an opportunity to shape it.”

Registration for the event: Use coupon code CJ20 and get 20% off.


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