Wanna Know How To Make $$$$$$ Before & After Black Friday…. In Under Seven Minutes???

It’s holiday season and that means 1 thing, Deals & Money.

75% of all retail business gets done in the last three months of the year. Between Black Friday, the holidays and all the online sales, the entire world is going to be spending $$$.

We at cashbot.ai thought no better time for a new tutorial, given the lead up to Black Friday & all the money that can be made via Chatbots & Affiliate marketing.

In this tutorial we’re going to show you how you can create unlimited product agents, which really means maximizing the monetization opportunity you have from you chatbots.

Step 1: Do you have a chatbot?
You’ll need a chatbot for this tutorial, if you don’t have one email support@cashbot.ai and we’ll forward you a template bot from Chatfuel

If you have a chatbot proceed to step two, if you don’t, email support@cashbot.ai and we’ll clone you a chatfuel template with all the cashbot blocks already set up. Consider it a quick start to getting started fast and if you have any special requests on the template don’t hesitate to ask!

Step 2: Sign up!!!

Head over to https://cashbot.ai and sign up for an account, you can use your Facebook ID or sign up via email. If you sign up via email don’t forget to check your inbox for the verify email, once you’ve verified you’re good to go.

Never heard of cashbot.ai? Fair enough… Cashbot.ai is a monetization platform for chatbots & conversational applications. The cashbot.ai user is the developer, you and we the cashbot.ai team are creating tools and services to help you make money from the user interactions with your bots.

Step 3: Set up.

Create an application or an “agent” by naming it, selecting the integrations you want [Chatfuel, REST or node.JS] and select Amazon. Once you’ve been issued an API key select the Amazon tab and enter your affiliate ID. If you don’t have one we’ve provided a link to sign up. By entering your ID, each product you recommend, if clicked on will link back to your Affiliate Account, you can audit this by looking at each recommendation link. This is how you’ll get paid and how each user click & purchase will be linked to your Amazon Affiliate account.

Figure 1: Enter your affiliate ID here, if you don’t have one follow the link we’ve provided.
Step 4: Create your product agents.

In figure 2, this developer has set up a product agent for each member of the family, gifts for mom, dad, son, daughter, husband & wife. All these product agents are being used for one bot specifically built for Black Friday & the end of year holidays.

Figure 2: 6 different agents/applications for this specific chatbot

Pro Tip: Create as many agents as you want and reuse your agents! This developer just set up 6 agents for the family, no reason these can’t be used for another bot focused on birthdays or shopping for the family. If you want to recommend multiple products set up agents for specific product categories. If Nike shoes is what you want to recommend, then create an agent for just Nike men’s & women’s shoes and then plug each agent recommendation into your flow where appropriate.

When setting up and tuning your agents, it’s important to play with the keywords and refresh the console to ensure you have the products you want. You can make your agent as specific as you want and you can set up unlimited agents. Key words can be all sorts of parameters — Examples are Brands, Manufacturers, Models, colors, designer name and sizes. Even authors & titles. When in doubt look up the specific product on Amazon and copy paste the name of the product you want. Sometimes even SKU numbers work.

For the “Gifts for dad” agent, the developer used key words like “gift for dad, gift for best dad, power tools, power drill” etc. As you can see a funny gift mug shows up in the preview.

Figure 3: Create a “gifts for dad” agent with an assortment of keywords

PRO TIP: No matter what you recommend, if a user clicks on the product you’ve recommended for the next 24 hour if they purchase anything on Amazon, you’ll get the commission from that purchase. For example, if you recommend to your users a pair of Nike shoes, they click then decide not to purchase and log out but then later that day come back to Amazon and purchase a $2,000 TV… YOU get the commission on that purchase!

Step five: Integrate into the platform of your choice. Remember to reuse your agents for other bots where applicable.

Where is your bot running? Are us using a node.JS runtime or are you using Chatfuel? At cashbot.ai we provide integrations into them all [plus Shopify coming soon!].

In figure 4 we’re showing the Chatfuel integration, but the same level of feature and capability is available with the other integration services.

Figure 4: Chatfuel integration made super easy
Step 6: Test & Deploy

Now that you’ve integrated into your bot, test to make sure things are working, then push to production. In figure five you’ll see the test your bot feature from Chatfuel, where this developer is testing the gifts for Dad agent.

Figure 5: Testing the Gifts for Father Agent. Remember you can get as specific as you want and create unlimited agents
Conclusion: Cashbot.ai is a monetization platform for developers to use with their chatbots and conversational applications.

There is no better time to use cashbot.ai than November & December due to the huge amounts of people buying things online for family and friends. Don’t leave money on the table! Cashbot.ai is currently a no charge service, so take advantage and make some extra cash, or as we like to say… Cash in on the conversation :) We are here to support you!

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